Welcome to the official website of Little Twists! For those who don’t know, we are a clothing brand started by four high school seniors at Seneca Valley High School. We are now all freshmen in college (Old Dominion, IUP, Purdue) but still meet weekly to work to spread positivity and create fun and popular clothing. Our brand is built on one key phrase, “Everything great in life comes with a Little Twist.” This company started as a “Shark Tank” project in our economics class. However, we blossomed into a bigger brand than we ever expected. Originally specialty pretzel dips, we decided to expand and try e-commerce. Our goal is to spread positivity and create clothes people can wear to express themselves. We want creative designs that are not just your ordinary boring clothes but fun with cool designs for everyone but we tend to market towards high school and college kids. We want different and fun designs that can be worn daily.

Meet Little Twists

Meet the Crew! We are the four initial founders of Little Twists! In order Drake, Thai, Declan and Joel.